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JFlight shall support you preparing a flight with your GPS and analyzing it afterwards using the data collected in your GPS and Vario.

New: Currently JFlight is extended with some features required to support the participation of the online-contest "OLC" for HG and PG pilots, such as MLR-type GPS support, IGC export and OLC-file generation.

Note: JFlight will no longer be developed and supported for the Psion PDAs as this takes too much time for the special adaptions, but the 0.5 version which is considered to be sufficiently stable will still be available and can be used for collecting data which can be analyzed at the desktop PC / Laptop.
Instead there will be a version for the Sharp Zaurus SL5500 (and following) devices and probably any other PDAs that provide a Java virtual machine based on the Personal Java specificatin 1.2 or higher. On the Zaurus it's the Jeode VM, which is also available e.g. for the Compaq Ipaq.

The JFlight project is hosted at Sourceforge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jflight/ .

If you want to join as a developer, you can do the following steps:

Several problems can occur when setting up your PC environment for the access to the sourceforge server. Please search in the sourceforge help forum first (http://sourceforge.net/docman/?group_id=1) if you have problems, it has been improved very much during the lifetime of this project. I personally recommend a Linux/Solaris/Unix environment.

This project-homepage is also part of the CVS repository (module "homepage") and any developer who wants to can improve it and send me the new version for upload or the update note.

This is the address of the JFlight developer mailing list.

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